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Courtney Marie Hubbell

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Born September 9, 1992.

Passed away on May 11, 2022.

No service information at this time.

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Funeral Home assisting is Aspen Mortuary, 4822 Cleveland Avenue, Lincoln, NE 68504. To view an on-line obituary or email condolences please visit Aspen Mortuary’s website at www.aspenaftercare.com.

Beau Daniel Connely

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Beloved Son, Brother, and Daddy,

A Memorial Service will be held at Rosie’s Banquet Hall; 1501 Center Park Road (South 14th St) Lincoln, NE 68512 on Sunday, June 26, 2022; Noon–Food and fellowship after the service.

Beau Daniel Connely was born March 23, 1993 in Lincoln, NE to Donna Connely. Beau was tragically killed in a car/semi-truck accident on May 10, 2022, at age 29 years, and almost two months old.

Beau is survived by his eight year old Daughter, Lilyanne Elizabeth Cooney (Mom Brighid [Bride] Cooney) (Lincoln, NE.);

Beau’s Maternal family; Mom Donna Connely, (Doug Kroese) (Lincoln, NE.), Brothers Justice Connely and Jesse Connely (Lincoln, NE.), Uncle Michael Connely (York, NE.), Aunt Dianna (Aaron) Gruber (Gresham, NE.), Aunt Lela (Jerry) McNinch (Lincoln, NE.), Aunt Lori (John) Edgerley (Lincoln, NE.), and Grandmother Clara Connely (York, NE.), Aunt Eiko Connely (Dublin, OH.), Uncle Terry Krumrei (York, NE.), Uncle Roger Lowry (Fort Pierce, FLA.), and many cousins, their children, and a very large extended family. Beau was preceded in death by 1st cousin Jakob Connely (Lincoln, NE. 2004), and Grandfather Jack Connely (York, NE. 2020).

Beau’s Paternal family: Dad Robert “Butch” (Ina) Chapin (Redding, IA), Sister Missy Ely (Dave Martinez) (Lincoln, NE), Brothers Ben Chapin (Hubert, NC)and Bobby Chapin (Trenton, NC),  Aunt Jennifer Chapin Shepherd (York, NE), and numerous cousins and extended family. Beau was preceded in death by Grandfather Milton Chapin (York, NE. 1989), Grandmother Freda Chapin (York, NE. 2011), Uncle Michael Chapin (York, NE. 2014), Uncle Laurence (Janet) Lombard (Boonville, CA. 2014), and Step-Mom Ina Chapin (Redding, IA, 2021).

Beau is sorely missed and his family remains in horrified shock and grief over his sudden departure. Beau had so many plans. To name a few, he expected to finish his pilot’s license–with three lessons already completed, he expected to move to Colorado with Lily (and Bride), and begin a new career in a new State. He was Power of Attorney for his Mom, his Dad, and for his little brothers. At 29, he was growing into his full potential and managing many responsibilities. He pondered college for medical or bio-medical sciences, especially since he was so capable in math and science, earning a 99% in both subjects.

Beau grew up primarily in Lincoln, NE. with many visits to his Grandparent’s homes in York, NE. He had many cousins to play with and thoroughly loved his huge family. Beau’s family used to have big parties for every birthday, holiday, and many traditional gatherings. Beau often remarked how much he missed his huge family gatherings and remained very devoted to family traditions throughout his lifetime, honoring tradition with his daughter and immediate family.

Beau loved dandelions as a toddler and dubbed them “lion flowers”, innocently praising a beautiful “lion flower garden” at a birthday party in York, making many laugh lovingly. He attended pre-school at Southeast Community College (SCC) while his Mom attended college for undergrad. He enjoyed surprising anyone who asked where he went to school as a Pre-K student by stating he went to school at SCC. He began reading pizza boxes and saying his ABC’s at two years and 10 months old. Beau attended school in Lincoln and was in the gifted classes beginning in Kindergarten. In Kindergarten, he read at 3rd/4th grade level. A fellow classmate recently shared that the classmates always knew to go to Beau for help with their schoolwork. He won a science fair ribbon with his friend in 5th grade for measuring the electrical energy in fruit and creating a chart identifying those levels. Beau visited Japan for 3 months when he was 11 and upon his return could speak quite a bit of the Japanese language.

Beau was also in sports, beginning with soft ball, baseball, volleyball, roller hockey, roller blades, and roller skating. He could skate and roller blade backwards as fast as he could forward. Beau also participated in basketball, football, and wrestling–with Grandpa Jack in the bleachers cheering him on. Beau was in swimming lessons for years through the YMCA, beginning at an early age since he sank like a rock–so much time was spent at the lakes–and he became an adept swimmer. Beau attended Camp Kitaki for many years, including Advanced Ranch Camp, where Beau learned to work with and ride horses, canoe, camp, and practice archery.

He also rode bicycles and crashed a few into trees and rocks. Beau was rushed to the ER when he tore off part of an eyebrow and pushed a new tooth back up into its socket, after he crashed on the white rocks in Grandma and Grandpa’s driveway. There are multitudes of stories…how does one possibly encompass everything in their child’s life?

Beau was an innate musician. He could play by ear and by note. He inherited musical abilities from both sides, with maternal family members in Country Music Halls of Fame (NE and CO) and from his Dad Butch, who is a lifelong country and opry musician. Beau came from a long line of musicians. He played the violin, guitar, trumpet, and piano. He usually played the piano every weekend. He taught his daughter Lily how to play the piano. His upright grand piano remains at his Mom’s home. The same piano that was lifted years ago into Grandpa Jack’s red truck by Grandpa Jack, Uncle Michael, Cousin Jake, and Beau. They were so strong. One of the first things Lily and Beau did at Nana’s house on weekends was to play that piano and make a vitamin shake.

Beau and Lily also sang and practiced vocals. Beau first sang on stage in a country music opry house in Redding, Iowa, with his Dad, at age three. As soon as Beau acquired his driver’s license at 16, he made sure to travel to Iowa as often as possible to visit his Dad. He also made sure that his daughter knew his Dad and Step-Mom Ina. Beau cared about all of his family and often spoke of how important family ties are.

After Beau’s Step-Dad survived a stroke, Beau spent many days and hours driving the countryside with Doug to ensure that his driving abilities remained intact. Beau continued to assist Doug in many projects and property maintenance over the next 10 years. Beau was loyal and committed.

Next, Beau loves his daughter Lily with all of his heart, soul, and mind. He took Lily on so many adventures. On Beau’s Facebook page is a picture of one of many adventures, with Beau and Lily smeared in camouflage mud and squealing with laughter, as their guardian dog Kane keeps a lookout. They loved camping and practicing survival skills, including how to pitch a tent, build a campsite, and create a safe fire, climb trees, trek a river and forage through the woods. Beau was his family’s brave and courageous leader and defender.

Beau joined Cub Scouts with his daughter and attended meetings and campouts. Lily marveled at how much more she knew than her fellow cub scouts at their first official campout.  Beau’s adventures with Lily were full spectrum, from playing in the mud to detailed artwork.  He often took her to “Paint Yourself Silly” creating ceramic masterpieces. Beau just picked up the last two pieces and carried them in from his car a day before the fatal accident. They were carefully wrapped like priceless treasures when Lily visited her apartment and took them away, the last ceramic pieces that she and Daddy will ever paint together. The first piece from eight years ago remains in his hutch with Lily’s baby foot prints upon it. Eight years of art work and newly begun unfinished paintings remain in their apartment.

Beau and Lily recently went to the open air trampoline park.  Beau had two more tickets waiting on his coffee table for the trampoline park the next weekend, the weekend after his death. Beau and his brothers almost always had a trampoline in the backyard growing up.  Beau had begun to show Lily how to safely trampoline–a work in progress, a new adventure.

Beau also attended Lily’s dance lessons, took her to martial arts, and drove Lily to school many mornings. He cared for her every chance he got. He often worked nights and flexible jobs so he could attend to Lily at the drop of a hat.

Beau had his beloved dog Kane since Kane’s birth over ten years ago. Lily convinced Beau to let her also have two kittens, Ander and Crystal, who are at home waiting for Beau and Lily to return. He built them a floor to ceiling, carpet covered climbing pole that they use to show off. How does anyone explain to the pets that Daddy is never coming home again?

Beau also participated in Aerial Silks and performed at a local bar for a New Year’s Eve event, among many other local events. It takes incredible strength and flexibility to perform Aerials. Beau introduced Aerials to his little brother Justice. He promised his youngest brother Jesse fishing expeditions and driving lessons this summer.

Beau often walked on the wild side in life, and in work, much to his Mom’s chagrin. He was daring and worked on high roof tops–an avid climber, unafraid of heights; he worked with heavy equipment, dangerous machinery and tools, and was fearless. He helped his Mom cut down trees and chop up firewood after a major ice storm wearing out two chain saws and a sawzall, not stopping until all of the work was done. He went above and beyond to help.

Beau also has Facebook posts where he tried the hottest sauce there was (dangerous for the palate) in a shop in Louisiana when he worked on a natural disaster clean-up crew last year. He wanted to know and experience everything. Life was a huge adventure. He loved describing it in metaphors and analogy. He had so many more adventures to attend to.

Throughout his teens and 20’s, as most of his family and friends know, Beau was in multiple, mostly not-his-fault car accidents. There was a rolled car with a close friend, a recent crash and slide into a bridge on ice–reporting that had he been in his truck he would’ve went over the railing (2021), and plowing through snow drifts in a Bravada SUV to get a friend from the airport to get him home for Christmas–the transmission went out the next day. He was broadsided and spun in circles on 14th and Old Cheney while riding in the back seat. He was broadsided again in residential neighborhoods, while Bride, pregnant with Lily, was driving. He caught Bride (and Lily) before they flew out of the passenger window. Bride’s report is that Beau saved them. These are but a few.

The last serious accident that Beau survived was in August 2018, when his full size, metal GMC truck was split in half, shattering the windows and bending the box up into the air. The impact also pushed the truck up against a tree, broke the axles and sheared off a fire hydrant, after a drunk driver ran a stop sign and hit him. His dog Kane took off terrified and Beau ran after him staggering, to save his dog, until he was transported to the hospital. Search “crews” looked for his dog. The officer said that vehicles in this condition rarely have survivors. It seemed from these events that Beau narrowly escaped death many times. His family felt he must be invincible. His Mom and brothers thought he would be protected by a Higher Power or luck or love. He had so many roles to fulfill in his life. He and family fully expected that he would be able to do so. We all remain aghast at the condition of his car in this last accident. Cremation was required, the only option.

Beau often sought a higher spirituality, purpose, and meaning in his life. He suffered extensively from the loss of his cousin Jake at age 16—(Beau was 11), again at the death of his Uncle Mike Chapin, Grandfather Jack, and other deaths of family and friends, as well as with the suffering in his extended family. One of the healing practices Beau used often was to attend Sweats, introduced by another lifelong friend–he had many, very important, lifelong friends. Beau was honored and prayed for, for many hours, at the Sweat after his death.

Beau was also raised in the Church with Grandmother Clara who was a longtime Deacon, Sunday School Teacher, and Bethel Bible Series Teacher. He attended and was involved with the Presbyterian Church, Middle Cross Church, Christ Place Church, and interacted often with Unity Prayer Chain (Silent Unity Church). He was so surprised when his childhood caretaker Sharon took him to a Church where people stood, yelled, and waved their arms in the air. He fully embraced it all. He even played bass guitar in the Middle Cross Church band and attended summer revivals for Middle Cross Church as well.

Beau also began reading his Mom’s psychotherapy and spirituality books a few years ago to gain a greater understanding and to ensure that he was living into his greatest and highest good. The last book he completed a few days before his death was “The Soul’s Code, In Search of Character and Calling” by James Hillman. His next pick was, “Change your Brain, Change your Life” by Dr. Daniel Amen that he was going to pick up on the day he was killed. Beau was also mentored by longtime family friend, Dr. Jan Lingren, Ed.D.

Beau loved animals and plants and grew up with many dogs, cats, and plants (Please don’t send any plants). His first big dog was a gift for his 14th birthday, a white German shepherd mix named Karma Jean. Beau and Mom borrowed “The Dog Whisperer” set of CD’s from their Middle Cross Church family and watched every one. Beau was with Karma when she died on April 6, 2020. Karma’s velvet bag of ashes are still in his hutch. Beau had his dog Kane for over ten years and dreaded his future departure. They are the best of friends. Beau’s beloved dog Kane now lives with and protects Lily and Bride, as Beau would want. Their cats, Ander and Crystal will be incorporated into Nana’s home so Lily can always visit them.

One of Beau’s family’s goals at this time, especially after so many friends and family responded to Beau’s tragic accident by verbally sharing stories about Beau, is to ask for typed stories and memories about Beau online, email, or on paper, so that these can be gathered together into a book for his family and especially for his daughter Lily, so she can always remember her Daddy. Only eight years old is a very young age to lose a Daddy.

Nice stories only please, wild-side friends. You know who you are, with love…to all.

As listed above, Beau’s Memorial services will be on Sunday, June 26, 2022, at noon, at Rosie’s Banquet Hall, 1501 Center Park Road (south 14th street), in Lincoln, NE. 68512. There will be an opportunity for friends and family to speak. Services will be hosted by family friend and Officiant Charlie Swails.  (Beau, Lily, and family have attended many 4th of July BBQs at Charlie’s home.)  There will be a slide show of pictures of Beau’s life and music with songs that Beau used to sing or play. Guitars and harmonicas are welcome. Beau’s longtime friend Torrey will play the guitar and a song Beau used to sing at Karaoke. After the services, there will be food and fellowship with pop, ice tea, coffee, and a cash bar for alcoholic beverages (you buy your own alcoholic drinks).

Special and heartfelt thanks to every single person that has helped Beau’s family in this time of tragedy. We appreciate everything that has been done to help more than any words can ever express. Thank you from the bottom of our souls.

Beau’s immediate family remains lost in their world, the one that counted so heavily upon Beau’s presence.

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Funeral Home assisting is Aspen Mortuary, 4822 Cleveland Avenue, Lincoln, NE 68504. To view an on-line obituary or email condolences please visit Aspen Mortuary’s website at www.aspenaftercare.com.

Kathleen Patricia Watts

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Kathleen Patricia Watts was born on August 12th, 1946 in New York City, New York. She passed away on February 26, 2022 in Lincoln, Nebraska. At the age of 8, she moved from New York City to Lincoln with her family. She graduated from Pius X High School, then became a flight attendant for Frontier Airlines for 20 years. Following her career as a flight attendant, she received her double masters in family counseling and rehabilitation counseling. She worked for Cedars Home for Children for a number of years before moving to Tucson, Arizona to pursue a career in correctional counseling.

Following her retirement, she returned to Lincoln to spend time with her family and friends. She is preceded in death by her parents, Ed and Virginia Watts. She is survived by her sister Christine Watts, her brother Dennis (Jan) Watts,  all of Lincoln; 3 nieces, 1 nephew, several cousins, and their families.

In lieu of flowers, memorial contributions may be made in her name to the American Cancer Society. A private, family memorial service will be held. An open celebration of life will be held on Sunday, March 6th from 2:00-5:00pm. For more information on the celebration of life, please email wattsfamilyNE@gmail.com.

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Funeral Home assisting is Aspen Mortuary, 4822 Cleveland Avenue, Lincoln, NE 68504. To view an on-line obituary or email condolences please visit Aspen Mortuary’s website at www.aspenaftercare.com.

Erwin K. Habermann

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Erwin Karl Albert Habermann passed away on Thursday, January 27, 2022.
Born October 20, 1927 in Hamburg, St Georg, Germany to Gerda Grete Gertrud (Neubauer) and Theodor Wilhelm Habermann. He attended school through 8th grade and then entered his formal education and training as a machinist (mechanical engineer.)

In 1948 he met his future wife, Edith, at a dance. They became engaged in 1950 and married on January 26, 1952 in Hamburg. To this union they welcomed one daughter, Birgit. Erwin and family immigrated to America in 1959 and settled in Fremont, Nebraska. In 1965 homesickness caused them to return to Hamburg only to find that the US truly was their home. He became a US citizen in 1970.

Erwin worked for Jayhawk Boxes where he was responsible for the machinery: repairing, replacing and building as necessary. He occasionally traveled to purchase machinery; often disassembling a machine where it was sitting, shipping it to Fremont and then reassembling and repairing the machine. When parts weren’t available, he would make the needed replacement parts himself.

Upon retirement from Jayhawk Boxes, Erwin and Edith moved to Lincoln to be closer to their children and grandchildren. During his life Erwin enjoyed dancing with his wife, playing cards, eating good food, smoking an occasional great cigar, Husker football, soccer, golf, reading and spending time with his family, especially his great-grandkids who knew him as “Uropa.”

Left to mourn Erwin are his daughter Birgit and son (in-law) Frank Roby; granddaughter, Sarah (Drew) Peters and Henry, Kathleen and Andrew; grandson Matthew (Lindsey) Roby and Colt plus bonus-great granddaughter, Reagen. He is also survived by his nieces Margrit, Hannelore, Sabine, and Heike; nephew Andreas; sister-in-law, Carla Habermann; Goddaughter/Cousin Gerdi (Heinz) Gromann; great nieces, nephews and cousins all in Germany. Preceded in death by wife, parents, sister Elfriede and twin brothers Heinz and (infant) Gerhard.

Due to current Covid restrictions, a service will be held at a later date.

Memorials are suggested to the Lincoln-Lancaster County Food Bank.

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Funeral Home assisting is Aspen Mortuary, 4822 Cleveland Avenue, Lincoln, NE 68504. To view an on-line obituary or email condolences please visit Aspen Mortuary’s website at www.aspenaftercare.com.

Norma Jean Ellington

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Norma J. Ellington, age 86, passed away with her daughters at her side on January 24, 2022. She was a wonderful woman whose endearing nature captured the hearts of everyone she met. Norma was born to Henry Hunt and Naomi Hunt (Sorrell) on March 11, 1935 in Salt Lick, Kentucky.

Norma was an excellent student and worked in the school office during high school for the principal who would become her future father-in-law. Although Norma met her future husband in grade school, it was not until a high school dance that they decided to take a chance on each other. While dating, Norma and Earl had serious discussions concerning their goals and their future with a focus on family and education. Together they worked to not only reach those early goals, but to continue to revise, expand and exceed their goals throughout their marriage. They married on June 30, 1953 and had two daughters, Teresa and Patty. Earl and Norma instilled the importance of family and education in their two daughters and their families. Their big dreams and adventurous life led them across the country where they moved from Kentucky to California to Oregon and finally planted strong roots in Nebraska.

Norma dedicated her life to being a wonderful wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother, aunt and friend. She excelled at supporting her loved ones through the many passions and difficulties of their lives. She made it her mission to improve the lives of others.

Norma strove to be an active member in her community and was passionate about protecting the people and land within it. She was instrumental in the movement to keep the Oregon beaches open to the public and coastlines free from commercial properties. In Nebraska, she was an active member of the local TTT Chapter, Women’s Council of Realtors, and Ceres Club. In addition to her love of community, Norma and her husband, Earl, were ambitious travelers. Together, they traveled nationally and internationally where they enjoyed exploring different cultures, made many friends, and incorporated their hobbies of antiquing and investigating the local real estate market. Norma’s hobbies included:  cooking, reading, knitting, spending time with family and friends, and attending Nebraska sporting events. #GOBIGRED!

Norma used her unwavering positivity, her love of community, and her knowledge of the current housing market during her 37 years as a Realtor in the Lincoln area. Her clients frequently commented on her commitment to providing excellent service while ensuring they were getting the home of their dreams. She was the realtor of choice in many families for multiple generations. Her drive and dedication earned her the Top Realtor of the Year award numerous times throughout her career.

Norma is survived by daughters Teresa and husband David Jacka, Patricia Ellington and husband Mike Hill, grandchildren, Jeff Jacka (Liz), Jennifer Jancich (Bryan), James Babcock, Sarah Elizabeth Schmidt (Jim), and great-grandsons, Bentley and Bennet Jancich.  Norma was an only child and was quickly adopted as part of the Ellington family including brother-in-law R.W. Ellington (Ginny), sisters-in-law, Vivian Hogge (Fred), Arye Dethmers (Don), and Evelyn Sallee (Sam).  She is predeceased by her husband, Dr. Earl F. Ellington, parents, Henry Hunt, Naomi Sorrell (Hunt) and Dee Sorrell, brothers-in-law, Lindsay Ellington Jr., Fred Hogge, and Donald Dethmers, father-in-law, Lindsay, and mother-in-law, Hazel Ellington.

A Celebration of Life Service will be held on Thursday, June 30th from 2:00 – 4:00 p.m. in the enclosed shelter at Bethany Park in Lincoln, Nebraska (closest to the intersection of North 66th Street and Vine Street).

For more information and to share your memories, please visit the memorial site https://www.forevermissed.com/norma-jean-ellington/lifestory or leave your condolences below.

In lieu of flowers, and to honor Norma Ellington’s continued commitment to family and education, memorials may be made to University of Nebraska Foundation, Ellington Memorial Fund, at https://nufoundation.org/ways-to-give or to the University of Kentucky, College of Agriculture, E S Good Barn, 1451 University Drive, Lexington, Kentucky 40546-0097.

Funeral Home assisting is Aspen Mortuary, 4822 Cleveland Avenue, Lincoln, NE 68504. To view an on-line obituary or email condolences please visit Aspen Mortuary’s website at www.aspenaftercare.com.