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Lois Dragoo

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From Lincoln, Nebraska

Born on April 14th, 1928.

Passed away on June 7th, 2019.

No services scheduled at this time.

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“Micki” Maricki Jolayne Dufoe

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From Lincoln, Nebraska

Born on June 17, 1974.

Passed away on March 20, 2019.

Private service.

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Michael Jay Davis

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A Tribute to Michael Jay Davis

May 18, 1957 to January 8, 2019

Mike Davis was born on May 18, 1957, in Van Nuys, California, to Dee and Larry Davis. He was the oldest of three children, and was the teacher, protector and leader of the pack to his younger siblings Dee Dee and Dan. Growing up, Mike’s leadership skills and fun-loving personality gained him lots of love from his brother and sister. He also had a close group of friends, some of whom he has known since the age of two. Mike has always been a friend to everyone. He joined every club, such as scouts, had a paper route, and never gave up in sports, despite facing numerous challenges. He was determined and persistent in everything he did. He maintained close friendships to his siblings throughout his life, and enjoyed many memorable times at football games, family vacations and concerts with them. He also talked to his mother daily and shared a special bond with her always.

Mike married Abbe Bateman in 1979 and became the proud father of three children, Chris, Tori and Katie, and later a beloved Grandpa to four grandchildren. He was a natural caretaker, which led him to a nursing career of over thirty years, where he excelled and made such a profound difference in people’s lives. As a hospice nurse, he received many notes of appreciation from patients’ family members. Mike was even entrusted with the beloved cat of one of his patients, and Tippy became a true family member throughout his life.  While he accomplished so much in his nursing career, earning many prestigious awards such as the March of Dimes Excellence in Nursing and Nurse of the Year Award Nomination, his proudest accomplishment was his children.

He cherished the infant stage in each of his children’s lives, and would hold and sing to them for hours on end, introducing them to his love of music at an early age. He had special traditions and hobbies he enjoyed with each of his children. He shared a lot of the same interests as his son, Chris, such as going to concerts, listening to records, hiking and water sports. They spent countless hours working in the yard and on house projects together. Mike had a special tradition with his middle daughter, Tori, and always gave her a Cherished Teddy for gifts, which she truly treasured. He was involved with coaching Tori’s youth sports, and later enjoyed sharing his favorite recipes with her. His youngest daughter, Katie, shared his sense of humor and loved going roller-skating just the two of them. Katie was a swimmer throughout school, and Mike became very involved in her swim team as an Executive Board Member for Nebraska Aquatics and a Stroke and Turn Judge for USA Swimming.  He and his family enjoyed cheering on the Huskers every game day. There were so many trips to the mountains where they would hike, camp and ski, and many special trips to the beach.

Mike absolutely loved the beach and would disappear for hours collecting seashells. He always wanted to be in the sun and would happily spend the day in the backyard sitting in a lawn chair or inflatable pool. Taking care of the garden was another one of his favorite hobbies, and he would garden with his kids when they were young and later with his grandkids. He really enjoyed picking flowers for them, running through the sprinklers and making them laugh with his dancing and playfulness.

He also spent lots of time making stain glass windows, which he gifted to each of his children. They are truly beautiful works of art, which Mike spent so much time planning and designing. He proudly displayed them in his house, next to the antiques he collected and cherished. He loved finding antiques and treasures at garage sales and auctions, which is where he found some of his children and grandchildren’s favorite toys.

Mike meant so much to his family, his beloved companion and dog Evie, the friends that he has made throughout his life, his patients, and to so many people he met along his journey. Mike will be remembered most for the memories and laughter he brought to his family, his compassion for helping others, his fun-loving nature and humor, and for his passion for the outdoors and music. He was very loved by his family and lifelong friends and has impacted so many people’s lives. Mike fought two courageous battles of cancer. When he was diagnosed for the first time, his coworkers in hospice formed a team of angels. Many of those angels visited him during his final months. He was surrounded by family, friends and so much love when he passed on January 8, 2019. His favorite song Layla by Eric Clapton was playing, and he is resting peacefully now, eternally in the sunshine.

We celebrated the life of Mike Davis

February 2, 2019

The Jasmine Room by Venue at The Grand Manse
129 North 10th St
Lincoln, NE 68508

Thank you for contributing to one or more of the following in memory of Mike:

Nebraska Cancer Research Center
4600 Valley Rd

Lincoln, NE 68510
*In memory of Michael J. Davis*

Tabitha Hospice and Home Health Care
c/o Tabitha Foundation
4720 Randolph St.
Lincoln, NE 68510
*In memory of Michael J. Davis*

The Monarch
c/o Eastmont Foundation
6315 O St.
Lincoln, NE 68510
*In memory of Michael J. Davis*

“The measure of a man comes down to moments, spread out like dots of paint on the canvas of a life. Everything you were, everything you’ll someday be, resides in the small, seemingly ordinary choices of everyday life. Each decision seems as insignificant as a left turn on an unfamiliar road when you have no destination in mind. But the decisions accumulate until you realize one day that they’ve made you the man you are.”  -excerpt from the novel Angel Falls, written by Kristin Hannah

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Denis Francis Donohoe

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Denis was born in Pocahontas, Iowa on April 3, 1929 to Edward and Alice (McGuire) Donohoe. He graduated from Sacred Heart High School in Pocahontas in 1947, served in the Army from September 1951 until discharged in September 1953 and earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of Iowa in 1956. He married JoAnn Ward on September 1, 1956 in Des Moines, IA. The couple resided in Des Moines, where he began a career in direct mail, first with Meredith Corporation, then with Fingerhut in Minneapolis, MN; Mail Advertising Corporation in Chicago, IL, and he retired from Metromail Corporation in Lincoln in 1988.

Denis was an avid golfer and made two holes-in-one in his lifetime. He loved singing and listening to music, especially barbershop music, and he and Jo served as volunteers at the Lied Center for many years.

Denis is survived by Jo, his wife of 62 years; children Ned Donohoe (Tammy), Patrick Donohoe (Odalys), Sarah Donohoe, Alice Smolarski (Bob), Janet Donohoe (Philip Wainwright); grandchildren Janet Schultz and Jeffrey Donohoe, Tim, Greg and Ellen Smolarski, William and Thomas Wainwright; great-granddaughter Atrayana Donohoe and great-great-granddaughter Liliana Donohoe

A celebration of life open house was held on Saturday, November 17, 2018 at  10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at the Mahoney Golf Course Clubhouse, 7900 Adams St, Lincoln NE. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Lincoln Municipal Band, 315 South 9th Street #110, Lincoln NE 68508:

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John Douglas “Doug” Damuth

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John Douglas “Doug” Damuth, passed away on October 19, 2018, at the age of 90.

Doug was born in Cedar Rapids, Iowa to Rush S. Damuth and Jane Isold on February 6, 1928.  In 1932, Doug and his family moved to Kansas City, MO where he attended Pembroke Country Day School, from which he graduated in 1946.  He then attended Stanford University, majoring in engineering.  He was a member of the Phi Delta Theta fraternity. Upon graduation in 1950, Doug joined the US Navy.  He was a navy pilot during the Korean War serving on the USS McKean and the USS Yorktown.

While in college, Doug met Mary Jo (“Jody”) White in Kansas City and married her in 1951. Upon leaving the Navy in 1954, he became a commercial airline pilot for TWA, moving to New York City, and then a pilot for US Steel, moving to Pittsburgh, PA.

In 1963, he changed careers and became a middle school history teacher, teaching at Sewickley Academy in Sewickley, PA for 8 years. While in the Pittsburg area, Doug attended Carnegie Mellon University and received his Master’s degree in history. He then taught at Pine Crest School in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida for another 5 years.

Never satisfied for too long in any career, Doug next went through a series of jobs: insurance salesman, rug cleaner, bathtub refinisher, and home inspector.  These jobs took him and Jody all over the country from Florida, to Arizona, to East Hartland, Ct.

In 1987, Doug and Jody retired to Orlando, Florida.  Not able to stay retired for long, Doug started working for the Disney Corporation, where he worked on and off for 20 years, providing great vacations for his three grandchildren.

Jody died in 2002, and a few years later Doug moved to Lincoln, NE to be with his daughter and her family. He lived for about 5 years at Brentwood Estates and then moved to High Plains Alzheimer’s Special Care Center, who provided great care to Doug in his final years.

Doug had a wonderful sense of humor, and a true love of life. He was interested in many different things, and he always had a project. He was a skilled woodworker, making furniture and even miniature furniture; he was a Civil War reenactor; he made beer and sausages; he refinished boats; and he always loved to fly. A lifelong dog lover, Doug cherished many canine companions over the years: Tim, Satan, Tippie, Tyler, Princess, and Shadow.

He is survived by his daughter, Laura Damuth and her husband Peter Lefferts and son John Douglas Damuth, Jr. and wife Susan Mazer.  He leaves three grandchildren, Robert, Carolyn Jean (“CJ”), and William Lefferts.

Cremation.  No visitation. No service.

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