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Cremation VS Regular Burying

The concept of cremation has always been a part of the human burying tradition, starting with the stone age… But for almost 2 thousand years, up until a rekindled interest in the matter that was seen in the 20th century, the..

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How To Tell Your Children About the Tragedy

When it comes to dealing with such tragic news as the loss of a relative, a good friend or a life companion, it is hard for adults, let alone kids. So top psychology specialists have always paid extra attention to how the adults should treat kids with such traumatic news. Basically, the modern psychology and therapy advise you to use this as an opportunity to get your kids understand the…

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When Was the Cremation First Invented

Originating for the very first time back in the early Stone Age (which was taking place approximately 5-6 thousand years ago), the cremation as a form of a ritual funeral has lived through “popularity” ups and downs. With the memorial urns being a widespread find up until the Roman Empire, the fashion for it faded significantly then, living through a massive revival only after the end of the World War I…